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Welcome to Evolution of Dog

Our lifestyles, the lives of our pet dogs and our expectations of them have evolved dramatically in recent years. Our qualified dog trainer Gemma can give you the tools you need to build the perfect relationship where you and your dog live harmoniously together.
Why train your dog?
The RSPCA advises:
Training your dog is a part of responsible dog ownership. It provides important mental stimulation and is a great way to get know each other.
We recommend reward-based training to motivate and teach your dog from an early age.
Training classes help you understand how your dog learns and provides opportunites for your dog to develop important social skills.
More reasons to train your dog:
Training starts right now!
We like to guide and advise you as early as possible at Evolution of Dog. Even if you have not got your puppy or dog yet please get in touch to chat things over with us. Remember it's FREE to chat and picking the right dog could mean that you never even need our premium services.
We love to talk all things dogs.
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