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Based in Sheffield our trainer Gemma offers modern, positive, ethical training with an emphasis on operational dogs and practical dog training.

She believes that force free, ethical and science based training. By caring for your dog and providing clear guidance, communication and boundaries we can help you create a perfect partnership with your dog.


Evolution of Dog can help you in a huge variety of ways:

Loose lead walking and heelwork


Excessive barking 

Life skills for dogs

Multi Dog issues

Puppy socialisation and training

Abnormal behaviour


Gundog skills

Obedience skills

If you need help in a specialist area then Gemma is always happy to refer to an expert in your area.

Gemma is also a firefighter working on call for the Fire Service so would recommend you get in contact at your earliest convenience to reserve your training slot as they are usually in high demand.

Gemma's Dogs

I live with a Dobermann, 2 Working Cocker Spaniel and a Rescue Spanish Mastiff.

I have owned a variety of breeds including German Shepherds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Retrievers, Cavaliers and mixed breeds.

I have plenty of experience working with many breeds of dog and look forward to meeting you and your favourite breed..

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