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Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, even if they don't have the appropriate knowledge and skills. It is important to find a trainer that is not just 'self taught' as some training methods and quick fixes can be harmful and lead other behaviour problems.

I am a fully accredited PACT-KSA Trainer. PACT are accredited by the ABTC. You can find Gemma on their website here:

Continuous Professional Development History

Qualifications, Courses, Seminars & Workshops


>PACT-KSA Accreditation

  >Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced attended

>ABTC Accredition

>IMDT Rescue Pup in Malaga, Spain - Donna Saunders, Nando Brown, Jo-Rosie Haffenden

>IMDT Conference 2017


Steve White, Kay Lawrence, Gwen Bailey, Steve Mann, Craig Ogilvie

>Puppy Conference 2018


Leslie McDevitt, Leslie Case, Sian Ryan, Julie  Bedford, Helen Zulch, Helen Philips,  Di Martin, Kirsten Dillon, Linda Goddman, Gemma Abbott & more

>Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours - Muriel Brasseur

>Puppy Culture - Jane Killion

>Interactive Play - Craig Ogilvie

>Clicker Gundog - Helen Philips

>Wag-It Games - Pauline Jackson

>Self Control in Dogs - Sian Ryan

>Detection Dog Taster - Wagtail UK

>Intro to Competitive Obedience - Di Martin

>Gundog Games - Jules Morgan

>Scent Imprint Trailing Workshop - Wesley Visscher

>Detection and Indication Masterclass - Jens Franks

>Multi-Dog Households Seminar - Sarah Bartlett

>Training a Mental Health Assistance Dog - Kirsten Dillon

>Impact Working Dog Conference


Dr Helen Zulch, Jasper Schoenmakers, Paul Bunker, Stuart Philips, Dr Lorna Irish, Dr Astrid Concha, Simon G Newbury

>Emotional States in Canine Behaviour - Julie Bedford

>30 days of Canine Science - The School of Canine Science

>Various training sessions with operational fire service and police working dogs -Trailing, USAR, accelerant, cadaver and forensic detection.


In progress:


>Scent for six - School of Canine Science

>SWDI Scent Detection (1 year course) - Scandanavian Working Dog Institute.






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